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Just two decades ago, there were 43 major Coastguard stations, 160 Lighthouses and 30 Lightships situated around our coastline. All were manned 24 hours per day keeping safe watch over our busy waters. Between these major visual watch points were many small watch-houses, manned during daylight hours and in times of need by auxiliary Coastguard's. Now 20 years on, modern technology in the form of GMDSS and accurate positioning systems have made our waters safer resulting in a reduction of visual lookouts along the coast of the UK.

There are still occasions when technology can and will fail in a distress situation, particularly when close to the shore. If there are a pair of eyes on the coast to witness a distress situation, the alarm can be raised and lives saved. In 1994, The National Coastwatch Institution was formed to re-instate the visual lookout along the coast of the UK.  Now nearly twenty years on there are 50 stations around our coasts maintaining a visual watch. The need for National Coastwatch Institution Lookouts.There are many cases each year where the presence of a manned NCI lookout has meant that the emergency services have been called quickly to the right place so that people in difficulty have been  assisted and rescued.

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